Lastest album additions

Latest albums from iTunes

These are the latest albums I’ve added to my iTunes. All were downloaded from iTunes USA or iTunes Japan.

  • Aira Mitsuki×Saori@destiny: ×~PARK OF THE SAFARI
  • Ikuzo Yoshi: 35 Shuunen Kinen Subete no Hito ni Arigatou
  • Saori@destiny: Domestic domain
  • capsule: Flash Best
  • the pillows: FLCL Original Sound Track NO.3
  • SCOOBIE DO: Kaze no Koibito/Akaneiro Ga Moeru Toki – EP
  • BRIGHT: LOVE-aruainokatachi-
  • Kyarypamyupamyu: Moshimoshiharajuku
  • Various Artists: Q Bar Present: Cocktail & Lounge
  • SHOW-YA: SHOW-YA/Twin Best
  • Ryusenkei: Tokyo Sniper
  • Dimitri from Paris: Tsukuyomi Opening Theme Neko Mimi Mode Single

I’ve seen the cover for Kyarypamyupamyu’s album many times but I never imagined buying it. That was before I developed a appreciation for Japanese electronic music. I love the SCOOBIE DO’s ending to Gungrave. Same goes for the pillow songs from FLCL.

Latest albums from iTunes
Latest albums from iTunes

Hulu: A painful way to watch anime

Nothing is for free. You’ll be tortured putting up with endless commercials and poor video quality. Why doesn’t Funimation have their own video site instead of outsourcing to Hulu? I absolutely hate Hulu.

Latest CDs from Japan

Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Zettai Shinka Kakumei Zenya

I purchased these CDs from Amazon Japan. I saved money by buying most of them used.

Akari Mizunashi fan art

Akari Mizunashi
Akari Mizunashi by sabidrawsandreblaws

Someone on tumblr was kind enough to draw Akari Mizunashi in chibi form at my request.  I love the scenery and character design in Aria.  I also love the mellow music that sets the mood of the show.