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Shohjo-tai: Super Vario

This CD arrived from Amazon Japan.  It’s condition was listed as “acceptable” although it was in surprisingly good shape.  No tears on the artwork.  This was a rental and the obi was taped to the cover.  There’s a sticker on the artwork that I’m afraid to remove because it might damage the artwork.  The CD itself is in excellent condition–it’s hard to believe this was a rental.

I bought this CD for “Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru” (Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You).  It’s Shohjo-tai’s 1986 rendition of the Frankie Valli song.  There’s also a 1987 version of this song on their P-CAN album which sounds more 80s dance.

Animuze on Google Instant blacklist

Google Instant search
Google Instant search

I’ve wondered why when I type in “animuze” on google you don’t get pre-search results.  As soon as I finish typing the whole word the search results go blank (until you click enter).  That’s because google has deemed content related to “animuze” as offensive.  As a test google “puppy.”  Google will autocomplete your search with each keystroke.  Try the same with “bitch.”

Streaming anime on Funimation


Funimation hosted their anime no Hulu (known for their obligatory adverts) which was an immediate turnoff for me.  Since then I discovered Funimation is hosting anime themselves.  A paid membership will get rid of commercials.  Barakamon was the first show I added to my queue. I’ve also added other shows not available on Crunchyroll like Psycho-pass, Dangan Ronpa, and To aru Kagaku no Railgun.

Latest CDs from Japan

My Tenso package arrived today.