Lastest album additions

Latest albums from iTunes

These are the latest albums I’ve added to my iTunes. All were downloaded from iTunes USA or iTunes Japan.

  • Aira Mitsuki×Saori@destiny: ×~PARK OF THE SAFARI
  • Ikuzo Yoshi: 35 Shuunen Kinen Subete no Hito ni Arigatou
  • Saori@destiny: Domestic domain
  • capsule: Flash Best
  • the pillows: FLCL Original Sound Track NO.3
  • SCOOBIE DO: Kaze no Koibito/Akaneiro Ga Moeru Toki – EP
  • BRIGHT: LOVE-aruainokatachi-
  • Kyarypamyupamyu: Moshimoshiharajuku
  • Various Artists: Q Bar Present: Cocktail & Lounge
  • SHOW-YA: SHOW-YA/Twin Best
  • Ryusenkei: Tokyo Sniper
  • Dimitri from Paris: Tsukuyomi Opening Theme Neko Mimi Mode Single

I’ve seen the cover for Kyarypamyupamyu’s album many times but I never imagined buying it. That was before I developed a appreciation for Japanese electronic music. I love the SCOOBIE DO’s ending to Gungrave. Same goes for the pillow songs from FLCL.

Latest albums from iTunes
Latest albums from iTunes

Latest CDs from Japan