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Streaming anime on Funimation


Funimation hosted their anime no Hulu (known for their obligatory adverts) which was an immediate turnoff for me.  Since then I discovered Funimation is hosting anime themselves.  A paid membership will get rid of commercials.  Barakamon was the first show I added to my queue. I’ve also added other shows not available on Crunchyroll like Psycho-pass, Dangan Ronpa, and To aru Kagaku no Railgun.

Latest CDs from Japan

My Tenso package arrived today.

Watching anime on my new 80″ tv

I replaced my 50″ Pioneer Elite plasma with an 80″ Sharp AQUOS LED.  I like the picture better on the plasma–The picture was clear and bright at any angle.  You have to be sitting directly in front of the LED to see clearly.  Also, the Sharp’s color seems unnatural.  It takes some getting used to.  The Sharp is perfect for anime though.  It’s nice watching Crunchyroll on a tv this big at 1080i.  I’m using a Mac Mini.  You might see it below the screen.

Yakumo Tatsu Original Soundtrack

Yakumo Tatsu is better known as Eight Clouds Rising.  I wanted this soundtrack for Saori Ishizuka’s Harukanaru Ohokoku.  I love this song!  The soundtrack comes with the full version.  I bought it used from Amazon Japan and it was hard to find.  The whole soundtrack is amazing.  Most are powerful orchestral pieces.  They definitely give the anime a big movie feel.  One song is a beautiful opera sung in Japanese.

I scanned the artwork and added it to my iTunes and playlist.

Eight Clouds Rising
Eight Clouds Rising