Katanagatari volumes 1-2 arrive from Rightstuf

Katanagatari vol. 1
Katanagatari Premium Edition vol. 1

Katanagatari vol. 2
Katanagatari Premium Edition vol. 2

Katanagatari contents displayed
Katanagatari contents displayed

Each premium edition box comes in a 8×11″ illustrated box with books: Togame’s Travalogue (vol.1) and The Epic of Shichika (vol.2)

No subtitles for Gunbuster Blu-ray Box Complete Edition

Gunbuster Blu-ray Box Complete EditionI’d buy this right now if the box set came with subtitles. I’d like to see the extra footage and bonus material but the lack of subtitling was the deal-breaker for me. I could get by though. I’ve seen it many times and could get the jist of what’s being said. I’m not sure if this Blu-ray will make it here given Bandai’s downsizing in the U.S. I’m hoping a Hong Kong version with subtitles will come about so I can buy it. The Box set comes with 3 discs including extra footage. I’ll be disappointed for now and hope it will be release here.

Product Details:
Running Time: 170 minutes
Region Code: Region-free
Subtitles: None
Audio Tracks: Japanese 5.1ch, Linear PCM Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 4:3