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Shohjo-tai: Super Vario

This CD arrived from Amazon Japan.  It’s condition was listed as “acceptable” although it was in surprisingly good shape.  No tears on the artwork.  This was a rental and the obi was taped to the cover.  There’s a sticker on the artwork that I’m afraid to remove because it might damage the artwork.  The CD itself is in excellent condition–it’s hard to believe this was a rental.

I bought this CD for “Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru” (Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You).  It’s Shohjo-tai’s 1986 rendition of the Frankie Valli song.  There’s also a 1987 version of this song on their P-CAN album which sounds more 80s dance.

Latest CDs from Japan

My Tenso package arrived today.

Tenso: pop-up alert package value undefined

If a Japanese merchant fails to include the value of your package, Tenso cannot complete the necessary information for your Express Mail Service (EMS) package or the U.S. Customs form. Tenso also needs this information if you request insurance. Tenso will alert you with a pop-up to enter the package’s value.

Tenso: package value undefined
Tenso: package value undefined

Click the package number and enter the package’s value. This might be difficult if you have more than one package missing values. In that case, check the merchant’s name, tracking number or date shipped.

Tenso: Edit package value
Tenso: Edit package value

USPS can track your packages from Japan

I just found out.  Tenso had sent me a EMS tracking number along with a link to the JP Post to track it.  Well, following your package through JP Post dead ends once it leaves Japan.  USPS can track your package too using the same tracking number.  USPS can even track your package in Japan.  Just enter your EMS tracking number on USPS’s Track & Confirm page.

USPS Tracking
USPS Tracking Japanese package