Infinite Stratos, Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection

Infinite Stratos
Infinite Stratos: Those hard to reach places

Infinite Stratos is turning out to be a fun title.  The funniest moment so far is Rin putting oil on Cecilia.  Cecilia intended Ichika to oil her up–including the parts she “couldn’t reach.”  Well, the picture above is how it turned out.

Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection
Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection
There’s a lot of great music on the Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection.  I was familiar with the OP and ED but I don’t know where all this music came from. I especially like the tracks by the female vocalist MANA.  She’s somewhat obscure although I see her credited for songs in Dirty Pair Flash and a few albums in the early ’90s.