Katanagatari volumes 1-2 arrive from Rightstuf

Katanagatari vol. 1
Katanagatari Premium Edition vol. 1

Katanagatari vol. 2
Katanagatari Premium Edition vol. 2

Katanagatari contents displayed
Katanagatari contents displayed

Each premium edition box comes in a 8×11″ illustrated box with books: Togame’s Travalogue (vol.1) and The Epic of Shichika (vol.2)

CDs and DVD came over the weekend

I finally received my Momoe Shimano CD which I ordered March 15th. Her music sounds like jazzy R&B. Rurouni Kenshin – The Best Theme Collection arrived as well. I bought it used and came in great shape. I’m pretty sure it has all the openings and endings. My favorite songs are “1/2” and Heart of the Sword. Infinite Stratos came too from RightStuf. I’m hoping it’ll be funny.