Tenso’s 14 day policy

You will have 14 days within the package’s arrival at Tenso.com to take advantage of the consolidation service. Make sure that you apply within 14 days as you will not be able to do so after.

Tenso sent me a notice saying I only had 2 days left to consolidate one of my packages.  What does that mean?  That means they’ll ship this CD by itself which costs about $20 by Express Mail Service (EMS).  I was planning on buy-as-you-go from Amazon Japan.  I still have 2 CDs that haven’t arrived at Tenso so I won’t be able to include them in the shipment.  I’ll have to plan next time.  I don’t want to get stuck paying $20 shipping just for one CD.

Consolidated my packages

So I was forced to consolidate the 3 packages I have at Tenso now to avoid shipping one CD by itself.  It came out to $35 or $12 dollars per CD.  That’s still better than paying $60 dollars shipping them separately.

Rosario+Vampire Capu2 (OP)

Rosario+Vampire Capu2

This is probably the best dance OP/ED I’ve seen since Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s Hare Hare Yukai.  I love the throwback disco music and the fast pace of the animation.  There’s so much going on your eyes can’t keep up.  There’s lots of detail on the close ups.  You see subtle expressions on the dancers and the animation captures their movements bringing the characters to life.  DISCOTHEQUE is sung by Nana Mizuki who plays Moka.

Moka Akashiya
Moka Akashiya – vampire
Kurumu Kurono
Kurumu Kurono – succubus
Mizore Shirayuki
Mizore Shirayuki – yuki onna
Yukari Sendou
Yukari Sendou – witch
Kokoa Shuzen
Kokoa Shuzen – Moka’s little sister

iTunes preview of Nana Mizuki’s video DISCOTHEQUE


More CDs from Japan via Tenso

My package from Tenso arrived last week. My CDs arrived in a recycled Amazon Japan box. It was smaller than expected considering Tenso sent me a much larger box with the same amount of CDs last time. They charged me about a $1.50 more than last time but I think it has to do the way they counted the mini CDs. Maybe it was the weight of the Fist of the North Star OST since it was a double CD. I’m not sure. Anyways, shipping was about $57.00 or $8.00 per CD.


Tenso did a nice job on the packaging. The CDs were bundled then bubble wrapped. All the CDs arrived in very good condition as described by the sellers. The empty space inside the box was filled neatly with air pillows and industrial tissue paper. Tenso included the Amazon invoices from the original packages. Outside of the box was a sealed transparent pouch for the EMS (Express Mail Service) label, invoices, and customs form (Customs Form CN 23). If the Tenso site ever asks you a package value it’s for the customs form.

Fist of the North Star OST

This is actually a Pachislot OST. I wanted the the OP “Ai wo Torimodose!!” and this CD has it for $8.00. It has all the full version OPs and EDs for Fist of the North Star. It also comes with a DVD containing footage from the Pachislot game. The picture I took shows a defect in the case. It’s cardboard bonded to a plastic film making it glossy. Well, that film is wrinkled on the front. I used Photoshop to take out the defect for my iTunes cover.

The case was shrink wrapped. Once I opened the case the plastic CD holders fell out. The glue used to bond them to the case did not stick. The CD and DVD were new. Both played fine. I didn’t count the case against the seller when leaving feedback. He might have mentioned it in the description. Bottom line: I bought it cheap.

Urusei Yatsura TV Best Theme Songs

I shouldn’t have put off buying this CD till now. The songs are actually pretty good and full versions. All of them made it to my play list except “Hoshizora Cycling.” Steffanie sings great. Her songs could fit in today’s music. I had a tough time tracking her down. Her real name is Steffanie Borges. Of course, I’ve seen Urusei Yatsura. That’s the case with most of the anime music I buy. As a bonus, I have DVD volume 50 which has all the OPs and EDs.

Tenso: pop-up alert package value undefined

If a Japanese merchant fails to include the value of your package, Tenso cannot complete the necessary information for your Express Mail Service (EMS) package or the U.S. Customs form. Tenso also needs this information if you request insurance. Tenso will alert you with a pop-up to enter the package’s value.

Tenso: package value undefined
Tenso: package value undefined

Click the package number and enter the package’s value. This might be difficult if you have more than one package missing values. In that case, check the merchant’s name, tracking number or date shipped.

Tenso: Edit package value
Tenso: Edit package value