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an·i·muze Listen in English 日本の noun \ˈa-nə-ˌmyüz, アニムゼ\

A portmanteau of the word anime and misspelling of the word muse–as in the Greek goddesses of poetry and music. As the name suggests, animuze relates to anime and anime music.

Noriko TakayaOtakudes is male in his 50s who’s wasted over 5,500 hours watching anime. His favorite anime is Gunbuster. Noriko Takaya is his favorite character. HARD WORK AND GUTS!

No music on this site

I have album galleries of my favorite songs. It only contains album artwork.


Images on this site

Most of the CD artwork here was scanned by me except for iTunes music. Sometimes the quality of iTunes artwork is really bad so I’ve used images off the Internet as well. You’re welcomed to use my images. Just don’t claim them as your own.

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