Pilot Candidate album artwork
Pilot Candidate OST

Track 01: Aim (ZION) Star of Hope!
Track 02: Shadowy
Track 03: Victim shurai
Track 04: Rest of the warrior
Track 05: Goddess Take off!
Track 06: Friends of G.O.A
Track 07: Goodbye, colony (home)…
Track 10: Shitsu kushita mono
Track 11: Nightmare
Track 12: Pitch-black space (sky)
Track 13: Aircraft of longing (Ingrid)
Track 14: Invisible enemy
Track 15: Signs
Track 16: Future will be far
Track 17: Last memory
Track 18: Ketsui no toki
Track 19: Kagayaki ~Piano Solo~
Track 20: Partners of fate
Track 21: Kaerubeki basho
Track 22: Ready for battle!
Track 23: Ready for battle! Judgment of the goddess
Track 25: the end of sorrow
Track 26: Kagayaki ~Instrumental~
Artist: Tomoyuki Asakawa

Track 09: Kagayaki
Track 27: Chance (TV Size)
Artist: Kohei Koizumi

Track 28: Shadowy ~Piano Solo~
Track 29: Eve of take off ~Get a dream~

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