Chance Triangle Session vocal album -DIVA-

Chance Triangle Session album artwork
Chance Triangle Session OST

Track 01: Pure Blue
Track 11: Love Forever
Artist: Mayumi Iizuka & Atsuko Enomoto & Maria Yamamoto

Track 02: Priority
Track 10: Spread
Artist: Mariko Kouda

Track 03: Woo Yeah Woo Ah
Track 08: Difference
Artist: Atsuko Enomoto

Track 04: Objection
Track 09: Sayonara no 1/2
Artist: Maria Yamamoto

Track 06: Gate To The Dream
Artist: Kana Ueda

Track 07: Angel in your heart
Artist: Mayumi Iizuka

Track 13: Ieji
Artist: Yuu Daiki

Track 14: Priority(instrumental)
Track 15: Gate To The Dream(instrumental)
Track 16: Spread(instrumental)
Artist: Chance Triangle Session

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