Purchased iTunes card at Japan Codes

I purchased 10,000 yen iTunes cards from Japan Codes for $90. That’s the lowest price I’ve paid so far. I tried purchasing last week but they were out of stock. I got my redeem codes instantly from the site. Looks like they only accept Paypal for now.

Japan Codes 10,000 JPY iTunes Card Price
Date $
07/13/17 89.99
06/27/16 110.47
04/04/15 95.90
02/03/15 98.99
06/18/14 128.99
10/15/13 125.99
05/05/13 123.99
01/15/13 140.99
12/06/12 135.99
10/26/12 135.99

Yagami Junko’s Golden Best

I discovered Junko’s Kashimiya no Hohoemi (Cashmere’s Smile) on Tumbler and loved it! I wanted the original album but it’s too expensive so I purchased Junko’s Golden Best instead. It also includes this song.

Now I know why these songs sound alike

Bananarama’s, I Heard A Rumor, used to be one of my favorite songs so I noticed similarities when I first heard Meiko Nakahara’s, Dance In The Memories. It shares the same style although slightly different melody. Then I heard Yoko Nagayama’s, GIVE ME UP. It also reminded me of I Heard A Rumor and I’m thinking these songs are copying it. It turns out all these songs sample Michael Fortunati’s, Give Me Up. I’ve never heard of him because the song wasn’t released in the U.S.

Anime has some great songs. I wouldn’t have discovered these other songs without watching Ranma ½.

Funimation’s new site has bugs

First, the logon page won’t let you logon with Facebook. Clicking the Facebook button just sends you back to the logon page. Second, there’s no subtitles for A Certain Magical Index. I’ve been watching the series subtitled with the original Japanese audio up until now.

No subtitles

It’s sad Funimation won’t let you bring up these problems on their forum. They want to hide the fact their site is broken. No one at Funimation has responded to my email.

Cecilia D’Anastasio

So I read a blog by Cecilia D’Anastasio who claims anime is misogynist, racist and needs to conform to Western standards. First, Miss D’Anastasio can fuck off. Anime is not hers to change. No one is forcing her to watch it. Have you not seen all the examples of racism in American animation? After watching 15,000 episodes I can honestly say anime remains fairly respectful of women and minorities. Anime is not afraid of tackling social issues such as exploitation and human trafficking. Numerous anime deal with a strong female protagonist–Those are my favorite!

Don’t change anime. Don’t make it Western because I’ll hate it. Don’t do us any favors.

サマリー: Cecilia D’Anastasio はアニメと日本の文化を嫌っている。彼女はキリスト教徒の信仰とモラルをアニメに反映させて欲しいと思っている。