Chobits OST 001 Arrives!

Three great reason to hear Chobits 001:

  1. Chobits has great music
  2. Chii sings Raison D’être (Chobits ED)
  3. Chii says “pantsu”

Many of the songs begin with Chii saying cute phrases.  There’s also a mix version of Let Me Be With You by Round Table.  It’s a shame Pioneer Music went out of business here in the U.S.  I wish I would have started my collection earlier.  I bought this CD used.  I buy my CDs used if they’re cheaper.

Chobits Original Soundtrack 001
Chobits Original Soundtrack 001

Infinite Stratos, Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection

Infinite Stratos
Infinite Stratos: Those hard to reach places

Infinite Stratos is turning out to be a fun title.  The funniest moment so far is Rin putting oil on Cecilia.  Cecilia intended Ichika to oil her up–including the parts she “couldn’t reach.”  Well, the picture above is how it turned out.

Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection
Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection
There’s a lot of great music on the Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection.  I was familiar with the OP and ED but I don’t know where all this music came from. I especially like the tracks by the female vocalist MANA.  She’s somewhat obscure although I see her credited for songs in Dirty Pair Flash and a few albums in the early ’90s.

Crunchyroll Membership Guest Passes

If you’d like to try Crunchyroll, you’re free to use these passes. UPDATE: The Passes have been redeemed.

Crunchyroll Passes
Type Expires
#1 K2Z5HNVQ All-Access Guest Pass – 48 Hours 05/13/12
#2 5XXAUSUES5R All-Access Guest Pass – 48 Hours 06/13/12
#3 GYQ98STVHN9 All-Access Guest Pass – 48 Hours 07/13/12

CDs and DVD came over the weekend

I finally received my Momoe Shimano CD which I ordered March 15th. Her music sounds like jazzy R&B. Rurouni Kenshin – The Best Theme Collection arrived as well. I bought it used and came in great shape. I’m pretty sure it has all the openings and endings. My favorite songs are “1/2” and Heart of the Sword. Infinite Stratos came too from RightStuf. I’m hoping it’ll be funny.

No subtitles for Gunbuster Blu-ray Box Complete Edition

Gunbuster Blu-ray Box Complete EditionI’d buy this right now if the box set came with subtitles. I’d like to see the extra footage and bonus material but the lack of subtitling was the deal-breaker for me. I could get by though. I’ve seen it many times and could get the jist of what’s being said. I’m not sure if this Blu-ray will make it here given Bandai’s downsizing in the U.S. I’m hoping a Hong Kong version with subtitles will come about so I can buy it. The Box set comes with 3 discs including extra footage. I’ll be disappointed for now and hope it will be release here.

Product Details:
Running Time: 170 minutes
Region Code: Region-free
Subtitles: None
Audio Tracks: Japanese 5.1ch, Linear PCM Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Don’t confuse Ebichu with Hamtaro

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Ebichu it’s on youtube.  I watched the whole series and laughed my ass off.  BTW, Ebichu’s voice is that of sweet little Usagi on Sailor Moon which surprised me.

Gunbuster: Noriko drops the honorifics

Spoiler Alert!

In a climatic Gunbuster scene Noriko and Kazumi exchange heated words during battle. It’s the only time Noriko stands up to Kazumi who she idolizes. Noriko always addresses her as “onee-sama” (big sister) except during this scene. I didn’t realize Noriko drops the honorifics until I saw this scene without subtitles. It adds impact which you miss in the English version. Of course, a cool gattai scene and epic battle ensue showcasing Gunbuster’s fighting strength and weaponry.

Gunbuster Climatic Scene
Gunbuster Climatic Scene