Best source for Japan iTunes cards

JBOX & Japan Codes

I’ve been ordering my Japan iTunes cards through JBOX exclusively. Recently, I found out Japan Codes sells them as well. I decided to try them for comparison. Yesterday, I ordered Japan iTunes cards from both around 10:30 am. I received my codes from both around 11:30 pm. You’re asking why it took so long? Most likely because of the time difference and neither store was open. Both stores sent my redemption codes promptly as far as I can tell.

So how are the stores different? I think JBOX has earned a better reputation for itself. Both storefronts are similar except JBOX uses a secure server. Japan Codes uses PayPal’s server for the actual transaction so that’s secure except setting up an account (i.e. name, password) on their site is done in an unsecure manner so you may have some privacy concerns with that.

Another difference is Japan Codes offers 10,000 yen iTunes Cards with an $8.00 markup while JBOX’s largest card is 3,000 yen with a $13.00 markup. You’ll save money buying from Japan Codes.

My first experience using Japan Codes didn’t go smoothly. I received my redemption codes by email. They actually sent me codes for two 5,000 yen cards. One code did not work. I emailed them and 6 hours later they emailed me back apologizing for a typo along with the correct code. I’m happy with that–they took care of my problem before closing shop.

Would I recommend either store? Yes, but I prefer the reliability of JBOX. I only wish JBOX sold 10,000 yen cards.

Spotify: Poor source for anime soundtracks and jpop

Spotify logoI’ve been wondering about Spotify for listening to anime soundtracks and jpop. After some quick searches I determined Spotify wasn’t worth it. I searched for some popular artists and anime with dismal results

  • Megumi Hayashibara: None
  • Yoko Kanno: 1 Album
  • m-flo: 1 Song
  • Round Table featuring Nino: None
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: None
  • Home Made Kazoku: None
  • Crystal Kay: 1 Song
  • Yui Horie: None
  • BoA: 1 Song
  • Rurouni Kenshin: None
  • MISIA: None
  • Utada Hikaru: None

I did find covers on some of the above but that’s not what I wanted.  You’ll find much better selection on iTunes U.S.

How to create a Japanese iTunes account

First open iTunes, scroll down and click the U.S. icon on the bottom right corner.
Choose country
On the next page, select Japan from the list of countries. Next, click the “Sign In” button in the upper right corner of iTunes. Next, you see a popup with the option to create an Apple id–click the button.
Create ID
The next page welcomes you to the iTunes store, click the continue button.
Welcome to ITunes
The next page requires you to check the agreement box and click the “Agree” button.
Terms of agreement
On the next page you’ll enter your email, create a password and complete other information then click “Continue.”
Account info
Next, you’ll complete your billing information and address. If you are redeeming a Japanese iTunes card enter the code and leave the credit card info blank. Enter your Japanese address too–JBOX will tell you how to complete that. Click the “Create Apple ID” button and you’re done. By the way, a U.S. credit card will not work.
Payment information


Some customers have reported that iTMS won’t let you proceed without entering a credit card. In order to bypass this, hit the “Home” button and begin the Redeem process again, and you’ll see the “None” button the second time through.  — JBOX

Gunbuster and Gunbuster 2 soundtracks on iTunes

I’ve already posted about Gunbuster Music Collection on iTunes ($11.99). Gunbuster 2 is also on iTunes for ($11.99). Gunbuster 2 has 44 tracks including Groovin’ Magic by ROUND TABLE featuring Nino as well as the ending theme “Hoshi Kuzu Namida” by ACKO–both songs are full versions. If you have trouble finding it search “top wo nerae.”

Top wo nerae 2! ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK!-original-soundtrack+/id534047693

Gunbuster Music Collection

My Jpop playlist for today

Dreamer (album ver.)

トップをねらえ! 予告編集 (完全版) 9話


A Place Under the Sun

Venus in The Dark

Into A Dream (Full Version)



Treasure (On Air Version)

Lonely Soul

iTunes: Play selected albums more often from any playlist

headphonesSay you want to listen to your soundtrack playlist but have music from Interstella5555 play more often.  This tweak will give certain albums more play from any playlist.


  • Randomly selects tracks from playlist
  • Sets a ratio of playlist versus selected albums
  • Playlist refreshes on next play excluding tracks just played


  1. Create a new smart playlist
  2. Select “Playlist” then “is” then select your playlist
  3. Click the plus symbol and on the next line select “Last Played” then select “is not in the last” then enter 1 then select “days” (skip this step if you don’t have enough songs)
  4. Check the check box before “Limit to” and then enter a number (i.e. 100) then select “random” and click OK.

Create a smart genre

  1. Create a new smart playlist with album to be played more often
  2. Select “Album” then “is” then enter the name of the album
  3. Click the plus symbol and on the next line add a required rating (optional only if tracks are rated)
  4. Click the plus symbol and on the next line select “Last Played” then select “is not in the last” then enter 1 then select “days” (skip this step if you don’t have enough songs)
  5. Check the check box before “Limit to” and then enter a number (i.e. 25) then select “random” and click OK
  6. Repeat these steps (6-10) to add more albums (optional)

create smart albums

  1. Lastly, create another smart playlist.  This will be the one you actually play.
  2. Select “Playlist” then “is” then select playlist created in step 1-4
  3. Click the plus symbol and on the next line, select “Playlist”  then “is” then select playlist created in step step 6-11. Repeat this step as needed if you created additional playlists
  4. On the top line select “any” before “of the following rules”
  5. Leave the check box before “Limit to” unchecked and click OK

Create smart more-plays playlist


To adjust the ratio of your genre versus specific album(s) adjust “Limit to” number for each. For example setting an equal number would create a 1:1 ratio.

Korean singer Choeun

First_I Will Try
First_I Will Try
I first heard him on the OST for Queen of Housewives. Most of his songs are romantic ballads. His voice is soft and smooth. It was difficult finding his name (조은) translated in English. I see his name translated as “Jo Eun,” “Cho Eun,” and “Choeun.” I went with Choeun as this is how it’s written on his CD. I found his album 슬픈 연가 (Sad Love Story) on U.S. iTunes. It’s mostly ballads and my favorite of the two.

The iTunes widget below plays tracks from “Sad Love Story.”