Entering your Tenso address on Amazon Japan

It helps if you’re navigating the site in English.  Click アカウントサービス (account) on the upper right corner of Amazon Japan’s page.  Under Account Settings, click Manage Your Address Book.  Click Add Japanese Address.  Your Tenso address will look like this:

John Smith
Tokyo-to 足立区 千住曙町42-4-3階

Fill in the fields as shown below.  Make sure and use your own TS number.

Adding address (English form)
Adding address (English form)
Adding address (Japanese form)
Adding address (Japanese form)

Obtaining and redeeming Japan iTunes cards

Japanese iTunes cardsYes, you can buy them and use them for purchases on the Japan iTunes Store.  I’ve been buying mine from JBOX since last year.  Someone on the AN forum suggested JBOX after I told them I was dying to get a song on iTunes but was presented with “This Apple ID is only valid for purchases in the US iTunes Store” notice.  The iTunes page on JBOX will show you how to set up your account to redeem an iTunes card.

I recommend purchasing the ¥3,000 yen card since it costs about 8 dollars less than buying two ¥1,500 yen cards.  JBOX also gives you the option of having your card’s redemption code e-mailed to you–a real time saver.  These cards aren’t cheap so I recommend searching for your music through U.S. iTunes or Amazon first.  I’ve found some great deals on Amazon.  I buy used CDs from Amazon all the time.

Tenso package, Pilot Candidate OST, and Fruits Basket OST arrive

My Tenso package arrived 2 days after it was shipped from Japan.  It came in what looks like a paper bag/Fed Ex package.  The Amazon package was unopened inside.  So far I’m happy with Tenso and plan to use them for more purchases.

EMS Package
EMS Package from Tenso

Yume no Miyako TOKYO LIFE was the CD that arrived by Tenso.  It’s one of my favorite songs.  It’s the ED to Happy Lesson where the chibified characters dance around.  Candidate For Goddess Sound Track arrived too.  It came used in very good condtion.  The front cover doubles as I booklet with information about the anime.  Too bad it was cancelled.  I loved the music and the show.  Fruit’s Basket OST arrived yesterday as well.

Yume no Miyako TOKYO LIFE
Yume no Miyako TOKYO LIFE
Fruits Basket CD
Fruits Basket CD
Pilot Candidate CD
Pilot Candidate CD

USPS can track your packages from Japan

I just found out.  Tenso had sent me a EMS tracking number along with a link to the JP Post to track it.  Well, following your package through JP Post dead ends once it leaves Japan.  USPS can track your package too using the same tracking number.  USPS can even track your package in Japan.  Just enter your EMS tracking number on USPS’s Track & Confirm page.

USPS Tracking
USPS Tracking Japanese package

Gmail translates from Japanese to English

They just added this feature recently.  Gmail automatically detects what language the email was sent in and is preset to translate into English.  It’s handy for me since I can’t read Japanese.  Normally, I would guess what it was or copy and paste it into Google Translate.

Before using translate feature

Gmail: Japanese email


Gmail: Translated email


Tenso received my Amazon Japan order

May 1, 2012

Amazon notified me they shipped my order.

May 2, 2012

Tenso notified me they received my Amazon CD. My shipment will cost $20 U.S. I was surprised it was so much. That’s the same shipping fee Amazon Japan charges for Express Mail Service. From the testimonials, I’ve heard shipping was $5 dollars. Later that day I logged on to their site and paid for my shipping.

Tenso site: Package arrival
Tenso site: Package arrival

May 3, 2012

Tenso ships my order. They gave me a tracking number along with link to track it. I couldn’t get the link to work so I navigated the JP Post office site. This is the link to enter your tracking number: Individual International Mail Search by Item Number.  As of now my package is still at the Tokyo post office. Tenso has a shipping calculator at the bottom of their page.  I’ll keep posting Tenso follow ups.

JP post office tracking
JP post office tracking

My first order using Tenso

I’ve been frustrated that certain Amazon Japan orders won’t ship to the U.S.  (i.e. used CDs through 3rd parties).  I found a service called Tenso.com that gives you a Japanese mailing address and ships your items to the U.S.  I just placed my first Amazon Japan order using my new Tenso address.  I’m not sure if I entered my Tenso address correctly at Amazon. I’ll let you know how it goes.