Entering your Tenso address on Amazon Japan

It helps if you’re navigating the site in English.  Click アカウントサービス (account) on the upper right corner of Amazon Japan’s page.  Under Account Settings, click Manage Your Address Book.  Click Add Japanese Address.  Your Tenso address will look like this:

John Smith
Tokyo-to 足立区 千住曙町42-4-3階

Fill in the fields as shown below.  Make sure and use your own TS number.

Adding address (English form)
Adding address (English form)
Adding address (Japanese form)
Adding address (Japanese form)

5 Replies to “Entering your Tenso address on Amazon Japan”

  1. Thanks! Tenso instructions for Amazon are still outdated in 2015. Really helpful, thank you.
    But Amazon charges me in Yen further to my Shipping Address changes. I need to contact them now before shipping…

  2. Amazon just ship an order to my tenso address but i put the address in the English form (with Tokyo-to), will i have any problem with that?

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