Kaoru Akimoto: Cologne

I fell in love with Dress Down after hearing it sampled by Yung Bae. Amazon Japan didn’t have any copies (new or used) until recently. A merchant wanted $125 dollars for a used copy in “acceptable” condition. I purchased it despite the list of problems with the CD artwork and disc itself. Fortunately, the seller exaggerated it’s condition. The artwork is in good condition and the disc is ever so slightly worn.

The seller shipped it free to my Tenso address then Tenso shipped it stateside by EMS. Usually, the mailman has me sign for EMS packages but not this time. I also created an account at my.usps.com and was able to track my package with the EMS tracking number.

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  1. This album is super rare on vinyl or CD and is always fetching a high price, I was looking for it for ages but got put off by the $100 to $200 or more price-tag. I think the CD is even more difficult to find than the Vinyl! So glad they re-printed it, the Re-Print is Vol.1 of ‘Japanese Groove Disc Guide’s rare album collection’…

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