High School of the Dead

Saeko Busujima's lacy bra
Saeko Busujima’s lacy bra

I purchased H.O.T.D. after seeing an animated gif on AN’s forum called the “Boob Matrix” (google it).  H.O.T.D. got no love at home from the wife due to the flesh-eating zombies and “tits and ass” so I ended up watching it alone.  It took me a while to get interested in this title.  It’s gory but lacks the finesse of horror titles like Hellsing.  I got interested in the story by the end of the first DVD.  The story ends too quickly and the characters aren’t given time to develop.  The fan service is nice but not enough to earn this title an Oscar.  A+ on the boobs and lingerie.  This is also a great title for gun otaku.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

More Crunchyroll membership passes

If you’d like to try Crunchyroll, you’re free to use these passes.  Go to Crunchyroll and enter these codes when you sign up.

Crunchyroll Passes
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Finding Korean music artist information

Finding Korean music artist information isn’t as easy compared to Japanese. I found a helpful site called maniadb. Their site claims to have listings on 189,658 artists, 333,101 albums, and 3,980,897 songs. I’ve used it several times to confirm artist information for my k-pop CDs.

Manga Entertainment titles on iTunes

Manga Entertainment




Anime CDs from Japan

I received 7 CDs from Tenso. This was my largest shipment so far. Tenso shipping cost $55 (that’s about $8 per CD).

Figuring out which CDs were shipped from Amazon to Tenso is confusing if the merchant doesn’t list a cost on the package. As long as they list the package price I can match that with my orders.

My order included two 3″ CD snap-packs. You can snap the plastic in half and make a mini CD jewel case (see picture below). I think that could also damage my artwork so I’m not going to attempt it.

My favorite CD in this shipment has to be the OST for Aria the Origination–very soothing and relaxing.

Tenso box unopened
Tenso box unopened, 8x6x10

Tenso box opened
Tenso box opened



Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi 2 Shiki OST with STEEL ANGELS
Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi 2 Shiki OST with STEEL ANGELS

Himiko-Den Original Soundtrack
Himiko-Den Original Soundtrack

ALL MY LOVE from Mao Chan

Haunted Junction & Magic User's Club Mini CDs
Haunted Junction & Magic User’s Club mini CDs

Kokoro ni Watashi ga Futari Iru
3″ CD snap pack: Haunted Junction

Magic Knight Rayearth Best Song Book

Magic Knight Rayearth BEST SONG BOOK
Magic Knight Rayearth BEST SONG BOOK

I wanted this for Minako Honda’s Lullaby~Yasashiku Dakasete.  Now I have the EP version. 🙂  It’s a great soundtrack with character songs as well.  The CD was in Japanese but they included the artists (or characters) in English.  I bought this used from Amazon US.  It was listed “Used – Very Good” but the CD was scratched and worn.  The artwork was worn and creased as well.  I used Photoshop to touch it up so you can’t tell (see picture).  Really, all I care about is the CD playing and the artwork in fair condition.

Finished Jumong on Crunchyroll

Govenor Yangjung: Chumoooong!
Govenor Yangjung: Chumoooong!

This was a fun series that went fast for 80 episodes.  That’s right, it took me 80 hours to finish this show.  Great cinematography for a tv series. Lady Susano was just gorgeous.  There were some funny moments.  Many of the characters over acted their parts such as prince Young-po with his eye-rolling and faces. It was funny how many times Chumong’s enemies cursed his name every time they got pissed–I was thinking of making a YouTube video of it.

Anison database, Google Translate tip

Finding anime song listings with Anison database

Anison.info has a database to help you confirm track information.  It’s in Japanese so use Google Translate to navigate the site.


Perfecting Google Translate’s results

Google Translate does an okay job of translating.  I don’t like the diacritic symbols it uses (i.e. the long ō) instead of the romanji I’m used to (i.e. ou).  To make sure Google translated a song title correctly copy and paste it back into Google search along with the anime name.  Take MEGAZONE23’s ED Higeki no Idol for example, “higeki no idol megazone23.”  If Google’s results say, “Did you mean” chances are Google Translate got it wrong.  Of course, ANN is the easiest place to check ED and OP titles.

Mami Ayukawa: Perfect Best

Mami Ayukawa: Perfect Best
Mami Ayukawa: Perfect Best

I came across this CD when listening to MIO’s OP for Heavy Metal L-Gaim.  Mami did the 2nd OP, “Kaze no No Reply.” Both are great singers and I’m dying to see L-Gaim since the music is good and it looks good as well. Perfect Best is a solid CD with an 80s feel.  All her tracks made it into my favorites playlist.

Japanese & US Currency Converter updated

Japanese & US Currency ConverterI simplified the functionality and design.  There is only one drop down box now instead of two making it easier to switch currency. The results now have a currency symbol emphasizing what you have exchanged.  It was tougher customizing than I thought because the code is written with jQuery which is new for me.