Megumi and Haruhi Suzumiya CDs arrived yesterday

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya CD
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya CD

The Haruhi CD has the popular “God knows…” along with two other tracks. Buxom Mikuru does one of the other songs.  You’ll recognize it as soon as you hear it.  I also bought Megumi Hayashibara’s Iravati after someone on AN’s forum recommended Tamashii no Refrain.  I recognized it as Refrain of Soul the theme song from Evangelion Death & Rebirth.  I’m looking forward to listening to Megumi’s CD.

Megumi Hayashibara's Iravati
Megumi Hayashibara's Iravati

How to reset iTunes retrieved CD track names

itunes multiple matches dialog box

Many times I have chosen the wrong CD title when given the option to choose one. There have also been times when I have accidentally rewritten and lost a track’s title by clicking on it. If iTunes retrieved more than one possible title for your CD and you chose the wrong one or iTunes retrieved your CD information but you manually entered your own, you can reset it. From the toolbar select Advanced then choose Get Track Names.

iTunes Advanced Menu

My first order using Tenso

I’ve been frustrated that certain Amazon Japan orders won’t ship to the U.S.  (i.e. used CDs through 3rd parties).  I found a service called that gives you a Japanese mailing address and ships your items to the U.S.  I just placed my first Amazon Japan order using my new Tenso address.  I’m not sure if I entered my Tenso address correctly at Amazon. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Bandai music collections on iTunes Japan

Outlaw Star - Single
Bandai Channel Special Selection

I’m not good at navigating iTunes Japan yet let alone iTunes.  I just found a bunch of Bandai collections.  They’re called Bandai Channel Special Selection.  Searching “Bandai” doesn’t give you much.  This link to the King Gainer Pack will pull up some more Bandai collections.  These links will help you find anime on iTunes U.S. and iTunes Japan.

Chobits OST 001 Arrives!

Three great reason to hear Chobits 001:

  1. Chobits has great music
  2. Chii sings Raison D’être (Chobits ED)
  3. Chii says “pantsu”

Many of the songs begin with Chii saying cute phrases.  There’s also a mix version of Let Me Be With You by Round Table.  It’s a shame Pioneer Music went out of business here in the U.S.  I wish I would have started my collection earlier.  I bought this CD used.  I buy my CDs used if they’re cheaper.

Chobits Original Soundtrack 001
Chobits Original Soundtrack 001

Live Action Dramas

Shin Hye Park: Prince Hours
Shin Hye Park: Prince Hours

I didn’t think I’d like live action dramas. I’ve been engrossed in anime until recently. I gave them a try early this year and was pleasantly surprised. I think of them as live action anime. I started watching them on Crunchyroll and have made some DVD purchases as well. Coffee Prince has been my favorite so far which introduced me the actress Yoon Eun Hye. Her character is very moe.

Right now I’m watching Prince Hours and Jumong on Crunchyroll.

My Drama History:

  • Country Princess (Korea, 2003)
  • Princess Hours (Korea, 2004)
  • 1 Litre of Tears (Japan, 2005)
  • Return of the Condor Heroes* (China, 2006)
  • Coffee Prince (Korea, 2007)
  • Boys Over Flowers (Korea, 2009)
  • My Fair Lady (Korea, 2011)

*AKA Legend of the Condor Hero (Crunchyroll)

Kirameki Project: Theme Songs order cancelled by Amazon

Kirameki Project Maxi Single
Kirameki Project Maxi Single

I had high hopes of receiving Kirameki Project: Theme Songs for a good price ($21.99). Amazon sent me a notice my order was cancelled due to lack of availability. I can’t get it cheaply now. I can’t even buy it from Amazon Japan because it’s OOP. I made a tough choice a ordered the soundtrack instead ($36.25). Those songs are TV size which I’m bummed about.

What sucks about Amazon Japan is you can’t purchase from 3rd parties. I’ve tried and I get a notice saying they can’t ship it out of Japan. Also, you can’t by Japanese iTunes cards or MP3s from their site.

Infinite Stratos, Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection

Infinite Stratos
Infinite Stratos: Those hard to reach places

Infinite Stratos is turning out to be a fun title.  The funniest moment so far is Rin putting oil on Cecilia.  Cecilia intended Ichika to oil her up–including the parts she “couldn’t reach.”  Well, the picture above is how it turned out.

Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection
Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection
There’s a lot of great music on the Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection.  I was familiar with the OP and ED but I don’t know where all this music came from. I especially like the tracks by the female vocalist MANA.  She’s somewhat obscure although I see her credited for songs in Dirty Pair Flash and a few albums in the early ’90s.

Exporting your itunes playlist to the Web

Note: Requires MS Excel and Dreamweaver

  1. Select the playlist in iTunes by clicking on it.  Right-click and select “Export…” from the pop-up menu.
  2. Save as a text file .txt
  3. Import the text file in Excel (I’m using Office 2010).  Choose delimited and select unicode UTF-8 as the file origin IF you have a foreign language like Japanese.  Click finish.
  4. Delete any columns you like.  You will need a plug-in for Excel to create an xml and xsd file.  Go to this Microsoft page.  Follow the instructions on that page.
  5. In Dreamweaver click the Spry tab and click the Spry Data Set icon.
  6. Select XML as the data set.  Browse the the XML file you created with Excel.  Dreamweaver will also ask you for the xsd file you created with Excel.  You’ll be walked through a wizard.  Make sure and choose the options you want (i.e. sortable columns).
  7. Upload the files to your site.

Here is an anime music playlist I created.  Clicking the table headers lets you sort the column data.


  1. To change iTunes bytes column to megabytes create a new column and enter the following formula =ROUND((D2/1024/1024),1) where “D2” equals your first cell with bytes. When your cursor changes to a thin plus sign drag that formula into all the cells below. Format the new column as text.  Copy and past it again using the values option.  Delete the original bytes column and the 1st column you created.
  2. To change iTunes seconds column to mm:ss create a new column and enter the following formula =INT(E2/60)&”:”&INT(MOD(E2,60)) where E2 contains the first cell with seconds.  Use the same instructions above to populate and delete columns.  Unfortunately, using this method will not allow you to properly sort this column so keep it as seconds if you want to sort it.  What I did was sorting the data by time before editing then leave “sort column” as “none” using the wizard for a default time sort.
  3. Remember to format your number cells as numbers so they properly sort.
  4. You can also use Google Docs if you don’t have your own site.  You can skip the XML steps that way too. 🙂

Interesting Google translation

I use Google Translate to help me with Japanese CD listings.  It works pretty good for the most part.  It also gives you a romanji translation which is pretty accurate.  The English translation needs some work though.  I tried to translate a song title from my Gunbuster soundtrack.  The title was:

いけいけぼくらのガンバスター!! (TVサイズ カラオケ)

Google came up with a pretty good romanji translation:

Ike ike boku-ra no ganbasutā! ! (TV saizu karaoke)

My best guess is:

Go! Go! Our Gunbuster! (TV size karaoke)

Google came up with:

Gamba star of our bitch!! (TV size karaoke)

Which is pretty interesting.