Exporting your itunes playlist to the Web

Note: Requires MS Excel and Dreamweaver

  1. Select the playlist in iTunes by clicking on it.  Right-click and select “Export…” from the pop-up menu.
  2. Save as a text file .txt
  3. Import the text file in Excel (I’m using Office 2010).  Choose delimited and select unicode UTF-8 as the file origin IF you have a foreign language like Japanese.  Click finish.
  4. Delete any columns you like.  You will need a plug-in for Excel to create an xml and xsd file.  Go to this Microsoft page.  Follow the instructions on that page.
  5. In Dreamweaver click the Spry tab and click the Spry Data Set icon.
  6. Select XML as the data set.  Browse the the XML file you created with Excel.  Dreamweaver will also ask you for the xsd file you created with Excel.  You’ll be walked through a wizard.  Make sure and choose the options you want (i.e. sortable columns).
  7. Upload the files to your site.

Here is an anime music playlist I created.  Clicking the table headers lets you sort the column data.


  1. To change iTunes bytes column to megabytes create a new column and enter the following formula =ROUND((D2/1024/1024),1) where “D2” equals your first cell with bytes. When your cursor changes to a thin plus sign drag that formula into all the cells below. Format the new column as text.  Copy and past it again using the values option.  Delete the original bytes column and the 1st column you created.
  2. To change iTunes seconds column to mm:ss create a new column and enter the following formula =INT(E2/60)&”:”&INT(MOD(E2,60)) where E2 contains the first cell with seconds.  Use the same instructions above to populate and delete columns.  Unfortunately, using this method will not allow you to properly sort this column so keep it as seconds if you want to sort it.  What I did was sorting the data by time before editing then leave “sort column” as “none” using the wizard for a default time sort.
  3. Remember to format your number cells as numbers so they properly sort.
  4. You can also use Google Docs if you don’t have your own site.  You can skip the XML steps that way too. 🙂

Interesting Google translation

I use Google Translate to help me with Japanese CD listings.  It works pretty good for the most part.  It also gives you a romanji translation which is pretty accurate.  The English translation needs some work though.  I tried to translate a song title from my Gunbuster soundtrack.  The title was:

いけいけぼくらのガンバスター!! (TVサイズ カラオケ)

Google came up with a pretty good romanji translation:

Ike ike boku-ra no ganbasutā! ! (TV saizu karaoke)

My best guess is:

Go! Go! Our Gunbuster! (TV size karaoke)

Google came up with:

Gamba star of our bitch!! (TV size karaoke)

Which is pretty interesting.

Hinotori soundtrack arrived today

Hinotori CD
Hinotori A.K.A (The Phoenix)

Hinotori has a great soundtrack including a great orchestral opening.  BTW, the opening has the second movement of Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata as background melody. The CD artwork is beautiful.  I thought this came with Mika Nakamisha’s Hi no Tori (the anime’s ED) but I guess not.  That’s okay as I have it on her Music CD.

Crunchyroll Membership Guest Passes

If you’d like to try Crunchyroll, you’re free to use these passes. UPDATE: The Passes have been redeemed.

Crunchyroll Passes
Type Expires
#1 K2Z5HNVQ All-Access Guest Pass – 48 Hours 05/13/12
#2 5XXAUSUES5R All-Access Guest Pass – 48 Hours 06/13/12
#3 GYQ98STVHN9 All-Access Guest Pass – 48 Hours 07/13/12

CDs and DVD came over the weekend

I finally received my Momoe Shimano CD which I ordered March 15th. Her music sounds like jazzy R&B. Rurouni Kenshin – The Best Theme Collection arrived as well. I bought it used and came in great shape. I’m pretty sure it has all the openings and endings. My favorite songs are “1/2” and Heart of the Sword. Infinite Stratos came too from RightStuf. I’m hoping it’ll be funny.

No subtitles for Gunbuster Blu-ray Box Complete Edition

Gunbuster Blu-ray Box Complete EditionI’d buy this right now if the box set came with subtitles. I’d like to see the extra footage and bonus material but the lack of subtitling was the deal-breaker for me. I could get by though. I’ve seen it many times and could get the jist of what’s being said. I’m not sure if this Blu-ray will make it here given Bandai’s downsizing in the U.S. I’m hoping a Hong Kong version with subtitles will come about so I can buy it. The Box set comes with 3 discs including extra footage. I’ll be disappointed for now and hope it will be release here.

Product Details:
Running Time: 170 minutes
Region Code: Region-free
Subtitles: None
Audio Tracks: Japanese 5.1ch, Linear PCM Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Don’t confuse Ebichu with Hamtaro

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Ebichu it’s on youtube.  I watched the whole series and laughed my ass off.  BTW, Ebichu’s voice is that of sweet little Usagi on Sailor Moon which surprised me.


My audio/video equipment

160GB iPod classic



  • Sony STR-DN1030 A/V Receiver
  • Pioneer VSX 816 A/V Receiver
  • Infinity TSS-750 Home Cinema
  • JBL On Stage IIIP Portable Speaker Dock
  • iPod classic 160GB
  • Audio-Technica ATH-CKM50ABK Ear Buds

Most of the time I’m listening to my songs on my Dell which has a tiny speaker attached below the monitor. I use the JBL speaker dock mostly at work. I also use my Droid Charge to watch Crunchyroll when I’m not home.  I al

160GB iPod classic
160GB iPod classic

so have a stereo system with  Bose 901s but I don’t even use that anymore.  My wife complains when I play music too loud.  She even complains when I’m listening to music on my Dell.

More CDs from Japan

Your'e Under Arrest, Infinite Ryvius
You're Under Arrest, Infinite Ryvius

I had 3 CDs arrive from Japan yesterday which is unusual. One was my Gunbuster CD which came by DHL. Two others came by mail. I haven’t had time to listen to them yet.  I’m wondering if my You’re Under Arrest Original Soundtrack is the same as You’re Under Arrest 1 1/2?  They both seem to have the same tracks. Both CDs pictured were purchased used but in good condition.