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Your'e Under Arrest, Infinite Ryvius
You're Under Arrest, Infinite Ryvius

I had 3 CDs arrive from Japan yesterday which is unusual. One was my Gunbuster CD which came by DHL. Two others came by mail. I haven’t had time to listen to them yet.  I’m wondering if my You’re Under Arrest Original Soundtrack is the same as You’re Under Arrest 1 1/2?  They both seem to have the same tracks. Both CDs pictured were purchased used but in good condition.

Gunbuster: Noriko drops the honorifics

Spoiler Alert!

In a climatic Gunbuster scene Noriko and Kazumi exchange heated words during battle. It’s the only time Noriko stands up to Kazumi who she idolizes. Noriko always addresses her as “onee-sama” (big sister) except during this scene. I didn’t realize Noriko drops the honorifics until I saw this scene without subtitles. It adds impact which you miss in the English version. Of course, a cool gattai scene and epic battle ensue showcasing Gunbuster’s fighting strength and weaponry.

Gunbuster Climatic Scene
Gunbuster Climatic Scene

Gunbuster Sound Collection has arrived!

Happy Happy! Joy Joy! It took a while to arrive. I ordered it March 20th from Amazon Japan. I was worried it wouldn’t ship. The booklet has lots of artwork I’ll check out.