Rosario+Vampire Capu2 (OP)

This is probably the best dance OP/ED I’ve seen since Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s Hare Hare Yukai.  I love the throwback disco music and the fast pace of the animation.  There’s so much going on your eyes can’t keep up.  There’s lots of detail on the close ups.  You see subtle expressions on the dancers and the animation captures their movements bringing the characters to life.  DISCOTHEQUE is sung by Nana Mizuki who plays Moka.

Moka Akashiya
Moka Akashiya – vampire
Kurumu Kurono
Kurumu Kurono – succubus
Mizore Shirayuki
Mizore Shirayuki – yuki onna
Yukari Sendou
Yukari Sendou – witch
Kokoa Shuzen
Kokoa Shuzen – Moka’s little sister

iTunes preview of Nana Mizuki’s video DISCOTHEQUE


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