Latest CDs from Japan

More CDs arrive from Japan

Tenso shipped my 9 CDs from Japan for $82.00.  That’s the most I’ve had shipped at once.  The box was bigger than before too (12x8x5.5″).  Everything was well padded.  The CDs were encased in bubble wrap and the box was stuffed with air pillows.  I purchased all of the CDs from Amazon Japan–most of them used.  The used ones were listed as “Used – Good” but most were better condition.

Contents of Tenso box

  • TV Anime Lucky Star Opening Theme Motteke! Sailor Fuku
  • Rosario to Vampire IDOL COVER BEST
  • Nankai Kio (Neoranga) Second Season
  • Nankai Kio SOUND TRACK
  • Mariya Takeuchi: Whisky Ga Osuki Desho

Rosario to Vampire IDOL COVER BEST

This has to be my favorite anime CD in the bunch.  There’s a lot of reasons why I like Rosario+Vampire and the music is one of them.  I love that the director put so much effort into giving this anime a musical theme.  He gave it an 80s theme which this otaku appreciates since he grew up listening to 80s music.  I read one of the reviews on Amazon Japan.  The reviewer thought it was okay but cheesey.  Obviously, he doesn’t know of or appreciate 80s music.

This CD is a gold mine of 80s j-pop which I’ll use for research.  Before I bought the album I was watching one of the episodes and the insert song was familiar.  It was “Desire-Jounetsu.”  Nana Mizuki sang it just like Akina Nakamori. Akina has a throaty commanding voice.  Nana was singing it as the grown-up version of Moka.  I’m not sure if that’s her natural voice.  Rie Kugimiya does a cute job of singing “Slow Motion.”  It’s another Akina Nakamori song but one when she was very young so Rei’s soft voice goes well.  All the seiyuu do a good job singing.  The director must have made it a requirement.  A few of these songs are OP/EDs to other anime too. See track information.


EPO is another singer from the 1980s.  I’m really liking her songs from her album Vitamin and I’ll probably get the rest of her CDs.  Her Golden Best album doesn’t have that 80s sound though:  I think she covered her own songs with just a acoustic guitar to give them more of a generic sound.  Some do have a Brazillian feel to them like Brazil 66.  Golden Best songs are soft and mellow–something you could sleep to.


Toradora! is one of my favorite anime.  I love Taiga’s character and the camaraderie between the others.  I love the addictive upbeat music too.  I could have bought the OP/EDs on iTunes but it was better to get the CD itself.  I love Yui Horie’s songs.  She has a lot on iTunes Japan.