Sword of the Stranger

Sword of the Stranger
Sword of the Stranger: movie ticket

Sword of the Stranger is one of the few anime I’ve seen at the theater.  I’ve also seen Ghost In The Shell (1995) and Cowboy Bebop (2001).

Hulu: A painful way to watch anime

Nothing is for free. You’ll be tortured putting up with endless commercials and poor video quality. Why doesn’t Funimation have their own video site instead of outsourcing to Hulu? I absolutely hate Hulu.

Yakumo Tatsu Original Soundtrack

Yakumo Tatsu is better known as Eight Clouds Rising.  I wanted this soundtrack for Saori Ishizuka’s Harukanaru Ohokoku.  I love this song!  The soundtrack comes with the full version.  I bought it used from Amazon Japan and it was hard to find.  The whole soundtrack is amazing.  Most are powerful orchestral pieces.  They definitely give the anime a big movie feel.  One song is a beautiful opera sung in Japanese.

I scanned the artwork and added it to my iTunes and playlist.

Eight Clouds Rising
Eight Clouds Rising

Katanagatari volumes 1-2 arrive from Rightstuf

Katanagatari vol. 1
Katanagatari Premium Edition vol. 1

Katanagatari vol. 2
Katanagatari Premium Edition vol. 2

Katanagatari contents displayed
Katanagatari contents displayed

Each premium edition box comes in a 8×11″ illustrated box with books: Togame’s Travalogue (vol.1) and The Epic of Shichika (vol.2)

Tumblr: Anime Overdosage

Tumblr Android app
Tumblr Android app
I’ve been on Tumblr for a month and feel like a kid in a candy store. I first learned about Tumblr on lynda.com. It really didn’t appeal to me as a blogging platform. Then a Google image search for Gunbuster led me to the Tumblr site. I was overwhelmed by what seemed to be a never-ending thread. I found images that Google couldn’t find. Do you have a favorite anime? Search it on Tumblr and be amazed.

So what is Tumblr? It’s a cross between a blog and Twitter. It’s not meant for long articles. Most text posts are a sentence or two. Most anime posts I see are images and animated gifs. You’ll also find videos and music. Tumblr works with YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

How do members interact? Members can like posts (facebook style). Members can follow each other: Posts from members you follow show up in your dashboard. You can also reblog someone else’s blog and add comments. Members are notified anytime they are followed and if their posts are liked or reblogged.

I’m following 14 members right now who post anime and I can’t keep up. I think it takes me about 30-45 minutes to go through a day’s worth of posts. I’m addicted. I’m constantly checking my dashboard. When I not home I’m checking my dashboard on my Android app.

Tumblr has the advantage of anonymity over Facebook and Twitter. I’d feel uncomfortable sharing my love for anime on Facebook. You have the option to share what you want about yourself.

If you’re into anime follow me on Tumblr.