My new Sony Receiver

Sony STR-DN1030
Sony STR-DN1030

I replaced my Pioneer VSX 816 A/V Receiver with a Sony STR-DN1030. I think the Pioneer was going bad with popping and static coming through the speakers. The new Sony performs beautifully with clear sound. The surround sound is better too. Setup and manual are confusing but the sound quality makes up for that.

My audio/video equipment

160GB iPod classic



  • Sony STR-DN1030 A/V Receiver
  • Pioneer VSX 816 A/V Receiver
  • Infinity TSS-750 Home Cinema
  • JBL On Stage IIIP Portable Speaker Dock
  • iPod classic 160GB
  • Audio-Technica ATH-CKM50ABK Ear Buds

Most of the time I’m listening to my songs on my Dell which has a tiny speaker attached below the monitor. I use the JBL speaker dock mostly at work. I also use my Droid Charge to watch Crunchyroll when I’m not home.  I al

160GB iPod classic
160GB iPod classic

so have a stereo system with  Bose 901s but I don’t even use that anymore.  My wife complains when I play music too loud.  She even complains when I’m listening to music on my Dell.