Chobits OST 001 Arrives!

Three great reason to hear Chobits 001:

  1. Chobits has great music
  2. Chii sings Raison D’être (Chobits ED)
  3. Chii says “pantsu”

Many of the songs begin with Chii saying cute phrases.  There’s also a mix version of Let Me Be With You by Round Table.  It’s a shame Pioneer Music went out of business here in the U.S.  I wish I would have started my collection earlier.  I bought this CD used.  I buy my CDs used if they’re cheaper.

Chobits Original Soundtrack 001
Chobits Original Soundtrack 001

Kirameki Project: Theme Songs order cancelled by Amazon

Kirameki Project Maxi Single
Kirameki Project Maxi Single

I had high hopes of receiving Kirameki Project: Theme Songs for a good price ($21.99). Amazon sent me a notice my order was cancelled due to lack of availability. I can’t get it cheaply now. I can’t even buy it from Amazon Japan because it’s OOP. I made a tough choice a ordered the soundtrack instead ($36.25). Those songs are TV size which I’m bummed about.

What sucks about Amazon Japan is you can’t purchase from 3rd parties. I’ve tried and I get a notice saying they can’t ship it out of Japan. Also, you can’t by Japanese iTunes cards or MP3s from their site.

Hinotori soundtrack arrived today

Hinotori CD
Hinotori A.K.A (The Phoenix)

Hinotori has a great soundtrack including a great orchestral opening.  BTW, the opening has the second movement of Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata as background melody. The CD artwork is beautiful.  I thought this came with Mika Nakamisha’s Hi no Tori (the anime’s ED) but I guess not.  That’s okay as I have it on her Music CD.

CDs and DVD came over the weekend

I finally received my Momoe Shimano CD which I ordered March 15th. Her music sounds like jazzy R&B. Rurouni Kenshin – The Best Theme Collection arrived as well. I bought it used and came in great shape. I’m pretty sure it has all the openings and endings. My favorite songs are “1/2” and Heart of the Sword. Infinite Stratos came too from RightStuf. I’m hoping it’ll be funny.

More CDs from Japan

Your'e Under Arrest, Infinite Ryvius
You're Under Arrest, Infinite Ryvius

I had 3 CDs arrive from Japan yesterday which is unusual. One was my Gunbuster CD which came by DHL. Two others came by mail. I haven’t had time to listen to them yet.  I’m wondering if my You’re Under Arrest Original Soundtrack is the same as You’re Under Arrest 1 1/2?  They both seem to have the same tracks. Both CDs pictured were purchased used but in good condition.

Gunbuster Sound Collection has arrived!

Happy Happy! Joy Joy! It took a while to arrive. I ordered it March 20th from Amazon Japan. I was worried it wouldn’t ship. The booklet has lots of artwork I’ll check out.