Watching Crunchyroll @ Work

I love the fact I can watch Crunchyroll during my break at work.  I’m not limited to watching on my phone either.  I hook my Droid Razr to the TV using a HDMI to HDMI micro cable.

Using HDMI on the Samsung Droid Charge

I’ve been watching Crunchyroll on my phone which comes in handy when I’m not home.  The screen is a bit small which leads to eye strain after prolonged use.  I was curious about using the phone’s HDMI.  The Samsung Droid Charge (SCH-i510) comes with a HDMI port.  You’ll need a HDMI to HDMI Type D (micro) cable.  The micro HDMI resembles your phone’s micro USB cable.  You’ll also need a 1080 capable HDTV.

Initially, I purchased a Sigmac 15″ HDTV (480-1080i) for my phone however no video appeared.  The TV flashed 1080i once hooked up but no picture.  Then I purchased a Samsung T22B350ND 21.5″ LED.  It worked fine.  I was watching Squid Girl on a TV screen 5 times bigger than my phone’s with easy to read subtitles.

Picture Quality

Don’t expect 1080 HDMI quality.  It’s not even DVD quality.  It sort of looks like a low resolution YouTube video with jagged lines and pixelation.  The only purpose the HDMI serves is to screen capture your phone and enlarge it to your TV screen.

Quality comparison of Droid Charge HDMI
Quality comparison of Droid Charge HDMI (View image @ 100% for detail)