Japan Codes

Good news and bad news. The good news is Japan Codes sent my iTunes card instantly with my purchase. The bad news is the price for a ¥10,000 went up to $110 dollars from last year. I paid $91 dollars last year.

Purchased Japan iTunes card

Ordered from Japan Codes. Took 3 hours, 49 minutes to receive code. Price was was $91.21 for ¥10,000 card. That was best price so far. I paid $141 for the same 2 years ago.

Japan iTunes card

Japan Codes

Bought another 10000 JPY iTunes card for $96.00. That’s the best price so far. It took 45 minutes for them to send my code. Their order process is different than before. They confirm your order by texting your phone with a code to complete your order.

FYI it might take longer if your place your order after normal business hours. Google “japan time” to give you an idea.

Price drop at Japan Codes

Japan Codes

I just ordered another 10,000 yen iTunes card and noticed the price dropped. Last year, the price for the same card was $136. Then the price went up to $141 in January. Now it’s $124. That’s better. I was slightly discouraged when they raised their price in January. Japan Codes is cheaper than JBOX for iTunes cards.  That’s why I keep using them.

Best source for Japan iTunes cards

JBOX & Japan Codes

I’ve been ordering my Japan iTunes cards through JBOX exclusively. Recently, I found out Japan Codes sells them as well. I decided to try them for comparison. Yesterday, I ordered Japan iTunes cards from both around 10:30 am. I received my codes from both around 11:30 pm. You’re asking why it took so long? Most likely because of the time difference and neither store was open. Both stores sent my redemption codes promptly as far as I can tell.

So how are the stores different? I think JBOX has earned a better reputation for itself. Both storefronts are similar except JBOX uses a secure server. Japan Codes uses PayPal’s server for the actual transaction so that’s secure except setting up an account (i.e. name, password) on their site is done in an unsecure manner so you may have some privacy concerns with that.

Another difference is Japan Codes offers 10,000 yen iTunes Cards with an $8.00 markup while JBOX’s largest card is 3,000 yen with a $13.00 markup. You’ll save money buying from Japan Codes.

My first experience using Japan Codes didn’t go smoothly. I received my redemption codes by email. They actually sent me codes for two 5,000 yen cards. One code did not work. I emailed them and 6 hours later they emailed me back apologizing for a typo along with the correct code. I’m happy with that–they took care of my problem before closing shop.

Would I recommend either store? Yes, but I prefer the reliability of JBOX. I only wish JBOX sold 10,000 yen cards.

How to create a Japanese iTunes account

First open iTunes, scroll down and click the U.S. icon on the bottom right corner.
Choose country
On the next page, select Japan from the list of countries. Next, click the “Sign In” button in the upper right corner of iTunes. Next, you see a popup with the option to create an Apple id–click the button.
Create ID
The next page welcomes you to the iTunes store, click the continue button.
Welcome to ITunes
The next page requires you to check the agreement box and click the “Agree” button.
Terms of agreement
On the next page you’ll enter your email, create a password and complete other information then click “Continue.”
Account info
Next, you’ll complete your billing information and address. If you are redeeming a Japanese iTunes card enter the code and leave the credit card info blank. Enter your Japanese address too–JBOX will tell you how to complete that. Click the “Create Apple ID” button and you’re done. By the way, a U.S. credit card will not work.
Payment information


Some customers have reported that iTMS won’t let you proceed without entering a credit card. In order to bypass this, hit the “Home” button and begin the Redeem process again, and you’ll see the “None” button the second time through.  — JBOX

Obtaining and redeeming Japan iTunes cards

Japanese iTunes cardsYes, you can buy them and use them for purchases on the Japan iTunes Store.  I’ve been buying mine from JBOX since last year.  Someone on the AN forum suggested JBOX after I told them I was dying to get a song on iTunes but was presented with “This Apple ID is only valid for purchases in the US iTunes Store” notice.  The iTunes page on JBOX will show you how to set up your account to redeem an iTunes card.

I recommend purchasing the ¥3,000 yen card since it costs about 8 dollars less than buying two ¥1,500 yen cards.  JBOX also gives you the option of having your card’s redemption code e-mailed to you–a real time saver.  These cards aren’t cheap so I recommend searching for your music through U.S. iTunes or Amazon first.  I’ve found some great deals on Amazon.  I buy used CDs from Amazon all the time.