Yagami Junko’s Golden Best

I discovered Junko’s Kashimiya no Hohoemi (Cashmere’s Smile) on Tumbler and loved it! I wanted the original album but it’s too expensive so I purchased Junko’s Golden Best instead. It also includes this song.

Now I know why these songs sound alike

Bananarama’s, I Heard A Rumor, used to be one of my favorite songs so I noticed similarities when I first heard Meiko Nakahara’s, Dance In The Memories. It shares the same style although slightly different melody. Then I heard Yoko Nagayama’s, GIVE ME UP. It also reminded me of I Heard A Rumor and I’m thinking these songs are copying it. It turns out all these songs sample Michael Fortunati’s, Give Me Up. I’ve never heard of him because the song wasn’t released in the U.S.

Anime has some great songs. I wouldn’t have discovered these other songs without watching Ranma ½.

ym: Japanese vocalist on iTunes

YM: Unsaid - Single on iTunes
YM: Unsaid – Single on iTunes

Tumblr has been a rewarding experience meeting people from different backgrounds.  I’m lucky enough to meet people from Japan.  I’m also fortunate enough to meet a young woman from Japan who models and recently released her first single on iTunes.  I can honestly say I’ve never chatted online with a model or vocalist so this is a first.  The other day ym blogged that she would soon release an album on iTunes.  I didn’t take it too seriously and a few days later she blogged her album was on iTunes.  Sure enough it was on iTunes and I purchased it.  I was impressed with the album.  I rated all three songs 5 stars.  My favorite is the ballad Shiosai.  She sings beautifully.

Anime OST from Japan

This came in my Tenso box. Most were used purchases from Amazon Japan. All were in good shape although the City Hunter CD needs some TLC as it was a rental. Key The Metal Idol is a double CD with a beautiful cover.

Jpop CDs from Japan

These CDs came in my Tenso box. All purchases from Amazon Japan. Most of them were iTunes recommendations except for Perfume–I heard that one on Youtube. I love the cover on Toko Furuuchi’s Purple.