Akari Mizunashi fan art

Akari Mizunashi
Akari Mizunashi by sabidrawsandreblaws

Someone on tumblr was kind enough to draw Akari Mizunashi in chibi form at my request.  I love the scenery and character design in Aria.  I also love the mellow music that sets the mood of the show.

ym: Japanese vocalist on iTunes

YM: Unsaid - Single on iTunes
YM: Unsaid – Single on iTunes

Tumblr has been a rewarding experience meeting people from different backgrounds.  I’m lucky enough to meet people from Japan.  I’m also fortunate enough to meet a young woman from Japan who models and recently released her first single on iTunes.  I can honestly say I’ve never chatted online with a model or vocalist so this is a first.  The other day ym blogged that she would soon release an album on iTunes.  I didn’t take it too seriously and a few days later she blogged her album was on iTunes.  Sure enough it was on iTunes and I purchased it.  I was impressed with the album.  I rated all three songs 5 stars.  My favorite is the ballad Shiosai.  She sings beautifully.

Tumblr: Anime Overdosage

Tumblr Android app
Tumblr Android app
I’ve been on Tumblr for a month and feel like a kid in a candy store. I first learned about Tumblr on lynda.com. It really didn’t appeal to me as a blogging platform. Then a Google image search for Gunbuster led me to the Tumblr site. I was overwhelmed by what seemed to be a never-ending thread. I found images that Google couldn’t find. Do you have a favorite anime? Search it on Tumblr and be amazed.

So what is Tumblr? It’s a cross between a blog and Twitter. It’s not meant for long articles. Most text posts are a sentence or two. Most anime posts I see are images and animated gifs. You’ll also find videos and music. Tumblr works with YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

How do members interact? Members can like posts (facebook style). Members can follow each other: Posts from members you follow show up in your dashboard. You can also reblog someone else’s blog and add comments. Members are notified anytime they are followed and if their posts are liked or reblogged.

I’m following 14 members right now who post anime and I can’t keep up. I think it takes me about 30-45 minutes to go through a day’s worth of posts. I’m addicted. I’m constantly checking my dashboard. When I not home I’m checking my dashboard on my Android app.

Tumblr has the advantage of anonymity over Facebook and Twitter. I’d feel uncomfortable sharing my love for anime on Facebook. You have the option to share what you want about yourself.

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