Tenso: Package consolidation

I decided to consolidate four separate packages into one to see if it was cheaper. I have four CDs from Amazon Japan at Tenso right now. Individually, shipping would cost ¥ 1,690 yen ($21.00 dollars). However, the cost per CD is only ¥ 818 yen ($10.00 dollars) if I ship them together. After requesting my CD packages to be consolidated Tenso gave me a shipping estimate of ¥ 3,270 yen ($41.00 dollars). They will notify me of the actual cost once it is done.

Shipping Cost Per CD (Yen)
Shipped Separately Shipped Together
CD #1 ¥ 1,690 ¥ 818.50
CD #2 ¥ 1,690 ¥ 818.50
CD #3 ¥ 1,690 ¥ 818.50
CD #4 ¥ 1,690 ¥ 818.50
Total ¥ 6,760 ¥ 3,270

How to consolidate your Tenso Packages

Log in to Tenso and click the consolidation button (see below). You’ll be presented with a page of items available for consolidation. Click the checkboxes of each item you want consolidated then submit the form.  Tenso will warn you this process cannot be undone.

Tenso package consolidation button

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