Tenso’s 14 day policy

You will have 14 days within the package’s arrival at Tenso.com to take advantage of the consolidation service. Make sure that you apply within 14 days as you will not be able to do so after.

Tenso sent me a notice saying I only had 2 days left to consolidate one of my packages.  What does that mean?  That means they’ll ship this CD by itself which costs about $20 by Express Mail Service (EMS).  I was planning on buy-as-you-go from Amazon Japan.  I still have 2 CDs that haven’t arrived at Tenso so I won’t be able to include them in the shipment.  I’ll have to plan next time.  I don’t want to get stuck paying $20 shipping just for one CD.

Consolidated my packages

So I was forced to consolidate the 3 packages I have at Tenso now to avoid shipping one CD by itself.  It came out to $35 or $12 dollars per CD.  That’s still better than paying $60 dollars shipping them separately.

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